Tuesday, 30 July 2013

From failure to flies and beyond: Our top 10 posts

By Ya'el Azgad
It has been nearly a year since the Vulnerability and Poverty Reduction Team at IDS started the Povertics blog as a space for our researchers to share their thoughts, analysis and findings on a variety of issues relating to their work.
Since then, we’ve had blog posts on subjects ranging from the death of a prime minister to advice for a new Poperiots, elections and oppression, altruism, nutrition and lots more besides. We've covered global issues as well as bringing you analysis on particular countries and regions. As well as written pieces our blogs have featured podcasts, TV programmes and an animation.
So in case you missed them, here's a recap of our 10 most viewed posts:
Inka Barnett on the importance of openness about failure in development. 
Clare Goreman on the achievements and limitations of the Productive Safety Net Programme in Ethiopia.
Nick Nisbett welcomes the idea of tackling undernutrition as part of a wider package of services that all children deserve.
Patricia Justino and Becky Mitchell on making women more central to peace-building processes.
Jeremy Lind examines the political and economic implications of the death of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. 
Andy Sumner suggests an alternative to low and middle income country classification.
Keetie Roelen and Martina Ulrichs argue that despite the positive contributions of social protection, there is a danger that this approach overlooks the structural causes of poverty.
Roger Williamson on the advantages of studying at IDS.
Jaideep Gupt speaks with Jos Verbeek, Lead Economist at the World Bank, about tackling urban poverty.
Stephen Devereux is sceptical about 'graduation'.